Gamera Guardian of the Universe (1995)


Directed by: Shûsuke Kaneko

Stars: Gamera daikaijû kuchu kessen

Language: English, Japanese (2tracks) + Commentary Eng (3rd track) | Subtitles: English (embed)

Country: Japan | Imdb Info | Ar: 1.85:1 | Brrip

Also known as: Gamera daikaijû kuchu kessen

Description: An ornithologist investigates reports of a monstrous new species of bird just as a teenage girl is gifted an amulet found on mysterious atoll. As the creatures begin to attack, an ancient guardian with a bond to the girl emerges.



5.06GB | 95:40mins | 1920×1036 | mkv | English, Japanese (2tracks) | Sub: English



————–Bonus Movie Below ————–

Gamera Super Monster (1980)  /Uchu kaijû Gamera Imdb

Starring: Mach Fumiake, Yaeko Kojima, Yoko Komatsu
Description: Using several clips from previous Gamera entries, this film deals with alien forces sending all the monsters Gamera has faced in one final battle to rid the planet of its last hope.


Preview Brrip

2.49GB | 92:03mins | 1280×690 | mkv | English, Japanese (2tracks) + Commentary Eng (3rd track) | Sub: English


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6 Responses to Gamera Guardian of the Universe (1995)

  1. Will says:

    Great stuff. Thanks Rarelust

  2. Phaota says:

    Commentary is with Kaiju artist Matt Frank.

  3. Noah Body says:

    Super Monster!

    The only Gamera film I never saw. I just kept completely missing it.

    Many thanks!

  4. Frank says:

    Now this is rare…. Thanks!

  5. MonsterWood says:

    Many thanks! Takes me back to a much better time and place.

  6. OSMOSIS says:

    I was wondering where “SUPER MONSTER” was. More HD BluRay Gamera goodness.
    Thanks, Rarelust.

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