Chinese Kamasutra (1993)

Directed by: Joe D’Amato

Stars:  Giorgia Emerald, Leo Gamboa and Marc Gosálvez

Language:  English (dubbed)

Country:  Italy imdb

Also known as:  Chinese Kamasutra – Kamasutra cinese, Chinese Kamasutra

Description:  Joan Parker, an American scholar of Chinese lore, recently took on a job at a Chinese library. When she stumbles upon a volume of the Kamasutra, her sexual fantasies are unleashed, but she remains cold towards the advances of her fellow librarian. There seems to be a connection to a haunted house she passes by on her way home, and the strange man keeps watching her from a barred window above. Unknowingly, she stumbles into the clutches of the Kamasutra cult, and through a series of trials and orgies discovers her sexuality…and her true nature as a reincarnation of an unhappy lover.


573mb | 84:38mins | 720×576 | avi | English


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8 Responses to Chinese Kamasutra (1993)

  1. Robbytag says:

    a product from Joe D amanto factory

  2. pnweibIn says:

    Beautiful actress
    But like name change

    1993Gatta Alla Pari
    1994 Un Grande
    Above two films also had her show
    Name is Nick e Lucy

    Thank you for sharing rarelust, the movie

  3. adamo says:

    salve, did you have a vhs rip OF JOE D’AMATO called LOVE IN HONG KONG 1983, THANK YOU,CIAO

  4. yogi says:

    Good movie which can be watch any time to get settled down

  5. Jim says:

    Outstanding classic.

    Thanks, Jim

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