Celebrity Nude Revue, Easy 80’s Volume 1

Directed by:  Citrus Cinema

Stars: Isabelle Adjani, Janet Agren, Adrienne Barbeau, Martine Beswicke, Linda Blair and Many More

Language:  English

Country:   USA |  Amazon Info

Description: The Easy 80s Volume 1 features over 80 beautiful actresses from the period 1980-1984 and includes our Bonus Quick Peaks Feature, sweet and quick scenes of lesser-known but no less beautiful women. Theres something for everyone from nurses to nuns, femmes fatales to hookers, strippers to women in prison with all the gaudy fashions, hairspray and unforgettable music, after all it was the Easy 80s. More Detailed Info Here


4.25Gb | 285mins | 853×480 | mkv | English

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13 Responses to Celebrity Nude Revue, Easy 80’s Volume 1

  1. gundu says:

    ey man,i saw the entire movie but didn’t found the particular scene which is present in the thumbnail from “fruits of passion”there was a different scene from the movie which was in a more low qualitybut the thumbnail has a picture from a different scene with better quality videosame for other thumbnails also,they are not matching the qualityI love your site and appreciate your efforts but this is not fair man ?

  2. tharki says:

    any chances for the 2nd vol
    also why I’m not able to see my comments

  3. tharki says:

    can you upload the second vol??

  4. thanks for all this great movies but please we need asmall size for all movies because our internet us not good in africa…thanks

  5. robert says:

    Has anyone seen the “sexy 60’s” vols, or the “naughty 90’s and tawdry 2000’s” ? I have heard they exist, but cannot find them anywhere. I have all 5 80s and 70s volumes.

  6. bobykater says:

    Hello, the same with the dvd 80’s volume 2. Can you please post this dvd, or can you tell me, where can I get the two dvd’s. Thanks t RL.

  7. A user says:

    Thanks! Love these ;-)

  8. Leif Nordström says:

    Thanks for this one…..

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