Cannibal Girls (1973)

Directed by: Ivan Reitman

Stars: Eugene Levy, Andrea Martin, Ronald Ulrich

Language: English + Alternate audio track featuring the “Warning Bell (2nd track)

Country: Canada | Imdb Info | Ar: 16:9 | Brrip

DescriptionA young couple spend the night in a restaurant, only to find out that it is haunted by three dead women who hunger for human flesh.


3.30GB | 82:50mins | 1916×1080 | mkv | English



====bluray extras====

Orientation 1968 short film by Ivan Reitman  imdb

227MB | 21:58mins | 962×720 | mkv | English

Cannibal Guys A Conversation with Ivan Reitman and Daniel Goldberg” 2010 interview

234MB | 26:48mins | 1916×1080 | mkv | English


Meat Eugene Richard Crouse Talks with Eugene Levy” 2010 interview

201MB | 19:43mins | 1280×720 | mkv | English

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3 Responses to Cannibal Girls (1973)

  1. Nathan says:

    Eugene Levy sporting a Jewfro from memory

  2. rarelust says:


    • ScreamingBuddha says:

      thanks, the DVD had the special features encoded in some odd IFO type format and you we unable to display the total times.

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