Bolt (1995)


Directed by: Henri Colline, George Mendeluk

Stars: Richard Grieco, Michael Ironside, Sylvie Varakine

Language: English

Country: Canada | Imdb Info | Ar: 4:3 | Dvdrip

Also known as: Rebel Run

Description: 21 Jump Street heartthrob Richard Grieco stars in the 1994 motorcycle movie Bolt, released on DVD as Rebel Run. A tough New Jersey biker named Bolt (Grieco) travels across the country heading west. He encounters old gang rival Billy Niles (Michael Ironside). Bolt fights to protect his Indian girlfriend Patty Deerheart (Sean Young) from land-stealing bad guys.


1.58GB | 88:50mins | 704×476 | mkv

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2 Responses to Bolt (1995)

  1. Days of Broken Arrows says:

    Funny to see Richard Grieco’s name again. Back in 1990, he was being hyped as the next Johnny Depp, since he was also on “21 Jump Street” and got a spin-off of his own called “Booker.”

    At the time, he was featured in all the teen mags and for some reason the girls on “Dance Party USA” used to mention him all the time (in retrospect, I guess his shows were being advertised there and the girls were probably told to drop his name).

    Anyway, all this was satirized a decade later on the WB sitcom “Off-Center,” where they had a character who worshiped Grieco and constantly brought him up. He’s actually a good actor, but the hype was a bit much and he therefore took a big hit when his big 1991 film “If Looks Could Kill” didn’t do nearly as well as expected.

    Don’t even ask me how I remember all this. I also remember Donnie Wahlberg of New Kids taking a beating in the press back then for his attitude. Today, it turns out he’s the respected, popular actor and his show “Blue Bloods” looks to be heading towards a decade on the air. Who would have thought?

    • Q says:

      If Looks Can Kill was one of my faves as a kid and I think its aged really well. But its sad Grieco didn’t have the status Depp did. I think drugs is an issue. Grieco was marketed as a charming comedic guy when he’s better at drama while Depp wants desperately to be a dark brooding artist but he’s only great in lighter roles. Very weird.

      And who would’ve thought Marky Mark would be a bigger star than Donnie and actually one of the biggest actors of his generation?

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