Battle of Pearl Harbor and the Malay Coast (1942)


Directed by: Kajirô Yamamoto

Stars: Denjirô Ôkôchi, Yatarô Kurokawa, Setsuko Hara

Language: Japanese | Subtitles: English (embed)

Country: Japan | Imdb Info | Ar: 4:3 | Webrip

Also known as: Hawai · Maree oki kaisen

Description: When a boy who is in the navy college returns home for vacation he meets his young cousin who also wants to join in order to become a pilot. However, the younger man’s mother is antagonistic knowing the folly of war. When the younger man recruits his cousin to speak to the mother the enlisted man is successful and the mother relents. The younger cousin is soon in the navy and training to become a pilot. He graduates too, but one night loses his friend yet has no time to reflect on the event as japan draws nearer to war with the West. The pilot and his fellow pilots are told to embark on a mission, but initially not told their purpose or destination. Only later it is revealed that the destination is Hawaii, USA. Pearl Habour looms.


1.67GB | 116:17mins | 960×720 | mkv

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5 Responses to Battle of Pearl Harbor and the Malay Coast (1942)

  1. dougeroo1 says:

    Thanks so much; Japanese war films, made both during WW2 and after, tend to go into depth about the historical facts of the battle being portrayed, and have a differing POV from typical western films. Hope you can put up some more of them. Love your site, BTW.

  2. michael says:

    where did you get this little gem from? Well done

  3. OSMOSIS says:

    Featuring legendary SPFX by Eiji Tsuburaya.

  4. Draconian says:

    THANK YOU!!!

  5. François Coulombe says:

    Thank you very much !

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