The Quiet Earth (1985)


Directed by: Geoff Murphy

Stars: Bruno Lawrence, Alison Routledge, Pete Smith

Language: English + Commentaries (4tracks) | Subtitles: English (embed)

2nd Commentary by critic Travis Crawford
3rd Commentary by Neil deGrasse Tyson and Odie Henderson
4th Commentary with writer/producer Sam Pillsbury

Country: New Zealand | Imdb Info | Ar: 1.85:1 | Brrip

Description: A man named Zac Hobson awakens to find himself alone in the world. In a desperate attempt to search for others, he finds only two who have their own agenda.


3.10GB | 90:55mins | 1920×1040 | mkv

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12 Responses to The Quiet Earth (1985)

  1. Marc says:

    I know you have spoiled us enough with your great resources and I don’t want to be too demanding, but I dare to ask you about another New Zealand film from 1984 called “Other halves”. I know that a VHS copy exists because I rented it many years ago in a Dutch video store. Do you think it can be found somewhere? Thank you very much in advance.

  2. Cobber says:

    Great film. Is Murphy’s Goodbye Pork Pie up on here, too?

  3. KipFlick says:

    Good last-man-on-Earth flick, one of the better ones.
    No zombies.
    Thanks, RL

  4. Fred says:

    Thank you for this sci-fi gem !

  5. John says:

    I would love to see the Bruno Lawrence SciFi movie “As Time Goes By”. I remember seeing it and being very entertained by the low-budget time-travel shenanigans.

  6. Simron Singh says:

    Why in the actual hell does DeGrasswipe Tyson have anything to say about this movie?

    Thanks for the upload, by the way!

    • Matt McGirr says:

      ‘DeGrasswipe’ LOL yeah I hate that smug annoying prick too, he should be vivisected, for the benefit of Science.

  7. Matt McGirr says:

    Superior end-of-the -world movie, thanks so much for this hi-res version with commentaries, stars the late great Bruno Lawrence, who is also in another excellent kiwi movie here at RareLust, SMASH PALACE.

    For the trifecta, please add UTU (1983, Bruno Lawrence & Anzac Wallace) which is available out there in an extended Director’s Cut version, a worthy addition to anyone’s collection.

  8. Nathan says:

    Great Kiwi Sci/fi . thanks for including commentaries

  9. Anthony Langford says:

    This is such a great film. A very different view of 80’s sci-fi. Intelligent filmmaking.

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