The Erotic Adventures of Robin Hood (1969)

Directed by: Richard Kanter, Erwin C. Dietrich

Stars: Ralph Jenkins, Dee Lockwood, Steve Vincent

Language: English

Country: Usa | Imdb Info | Dvdrip

Also known as: The Ribald Tales of Robin Hood

DescriptionThe Erotic Adventures of Robin Hood, his Lusty Men and Bawdy Wenches, Who Made Marion?


1.34GB | 77:37mins | 704×520 | avi

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6 Responses to The Erotic Adventures of Robin Hood (1969)

  1. John says:

    For the crybaby complaining about the film… It appears that the 83min version is out of print, and no longer available… If Rarelust can acquire a copy, I’m sure he’ll upload…. Otherwise, stop complaining and try Ebay and pay $50 for a copy…

  2. Maestro says:

    This is HEAVILY cut. If you’re gonna be “Rare” lust, then come up with the RARE uncut versions of movies, not just pirated off of whatever DVD or VHS release you can get your hands on. It’s OBVIOUS you are not a fan of these movies and you know NOTHING about them. Your sole purpose is to PIRATE READILY AVAILABLE VERSIONS even if they are CUT versions.

    • Crackerpot says:

      You should demand your money back from RL.

      If you can find a better source, one that is uncut, I am sure that RL would be interested. Do, not whine.

      • Maestro says:

        LMFAO! So anytime someone is disappointed in something (because you have NEVER EVER been in your entire life) it’s the equivalent of “whining”? Ahahahaha! I guess you missed the part where I mentioned this site referring to themselves as “rare”. Reading comprehension is a thing, you know.

    • Slappy says:

      You sound fun at parties.

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