The Clones (1973)

Directed by: Lamar Card, Paul Hunt

Stars: Michael Greene, Gregory Sierra, Otis Young

Language: English

Country: Usa | Imdb Info | Vhsrip

DescriptionA scientist discovers a plot to clone other scientists so the government can control the weather.


799MB | 91:20mins | 640×480 | avi

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  1. saucer people says:

    Just found your site and may I say what a feast of cult film riches it offers and the lack of multiple d/l links is a very pleasant surprise, as is the speed. Twenty plus years on the internet scouring for the strange and obscure, yet I find it such a joy to know there are literally thousands of titles waiting to be discovered thanks to sites like these.

    I’d never heard of this film before and can’t remember ever seeing a review, which, considering even its cultural ‘value’ for popularising the word ‘clone’ (see below), never mind its weather modification plot, you would have thought it at least warranted a few write ups – there probably is, but I would rather watch it first, then see what the verdict is – despite the low score at IMDb, which is almost obligatory for low-budget sci-fi, regardless of its worth.

    Couple of interesting factoids over at IMDb:

    “The word Clones was rarely, if ever heard in the American vocabulary before this picture was released”, says Rajnish Sinha

    “Many people don’t know that this was shot in 18 days with over 60 different locations. Not to mention, this movie was made for less than $250,000! For 1972, it was almost impossible to make a movie this good for that low a budget. Even if it is considered not the best science fiction movie ever made, Clones did break box office records that year nationally. The movie does have its moments where you can tell they were rushed for time and had very little money to spend. Still, the overall production and business of the film was a giant success. An interesting note, the movie is credited for having two directors when in fact, there was only one director on the production. The other name was added for “investing” (sic) reasons.” – caspian1978

  2. BlueRoses says:

    Thanks for the upload.

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