Rites of Blood (2004)

Rites of Blood

Directed by: Sami Haavisto

Stars:  Nanda De Bruijn, Reine Haavisto, Sami Haavisto

Language: Finnish | Subtitles:  English, Finnish

Country:  Finland | Imdb Info | Dvdrip

Description: It’s the middle of 18th century and the Europe’s witchcraft trials are coming slowly to their end.There are still a few people that can’t recognise the finality of the witchhunts but still continue their path paved with pain, agony and death to rid the world of witchery. One of those in grim and cruel cardinal De Ceville, who wanders the eastern Europe with reverend mother Catharine in religious zeal on their quest to rid the world of witchcraft…Marie, a young and innocent country girl has been seduced by a Satan-worshipping witch-ring and is to take part in a sacrifice that can give an eternal life. A life eternal comes with a price tag, however, and the price is higher than Marie could ever imagine!!! In addition the cardinal and his men are right on the witch-ring’s trail….


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1.46gb | 99mins | 672x368 | mkv
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    OH H3LL THE KICK ASS WONDER!!! Th@nX a lot man!!!

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