Naked Secrets (2006)

Directed by: Copper Headly

Stars: Alektra Blue, Cassidey, Frank Mercuri, Molinee Green

Language: English

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DescriptionA man searches for information about his wife’s whereabouts when she doesn’t return from a girls’ night out.


988MB | 85:33mins | 640×480 | mp4

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5 Responses to Naked Secrets (2006)

  1. Joshua says:

    This movie is more depressing than most soft core porn films and there are way too many inconsistencies in the characters. To name a few issues (and there are others): 1. Laurie loves her husband, but cheats on him a few hours after making love to him. 2. Chase has sex with Laurie knowing that he’ll lose work if she sees his face, but doesn’t make sure keep his mask on. 3. He is also smart enough to kill Laurie, make her disappear (without leaving any physical evidence) and get back to the party unnoticed, but he is not smart enough to destroy the video tape that shows him having sex with Laurie right before she disappeared. 4. This party house that cares about protecting its girl’s and only allows invited men in, has cameras in the bedrooms but not at the front door or the parking lot.
    It is better to think of everything that happens starting from the scene with Laurie at her girl’s night out (which has a dreamlike quality anyway) until she wakes up Matt at the end as just Matt’s nightmare. It clears up all the plotholes, makes Lauries reappearence make sense, and makes the movie much less depressing (and a little funny).

  2. weirdtexan says:

    A pretty dark and intense one, one scene bordering on rape even! Still very hot and intense. Loved it and thanks for the upload!

  3. LuvMahesh says:

    Thanks for this erotic flick.

  4. Robbytag says:

    hot girls , hot sex scenes , not to be missed movie for softcore lovers

  5. peter says:

    hey give us more of erika lust

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