Everything Is Terrible Presents


Everything Is Terrible The Movie (2009)  | Imdb

Description: A compilation of bizarre and humorous clips found in long forgotten VHS tapes.



891MB | 51:45mins | 706×474 | mkv | English


Everything is Terrible Holiday Special (2012) | Imdb

Description: A millennium’s worth of VHS memories of misplaced sentimentalities, fist fights over toys for tots, erotic Santas, Nazi elves, and an endless parade of singing kids will surely teach everyone the true meaning of it all.



1.54GB | 51:22mins | 720×480 | mkv | English


Everything Is Terrible Presents: The Great Satan (2018) | Imdb

Description: Since the dawn of time, man has searched for answers – and failed. But the fog of existence has finally cleared thanks to the eternal fruits of your favorite found footage collective, Everything Is Terrible. Over the last 10 years, EIT. has reinterpreted our shared memory into 3,000+ daily web videos, collected 15,000 Jerry Maguire VHS tapes, and forever altered the collective consciousness. Now, with their longtime collaborator Lucifer, Everything Is Terrible. has ingested over 2,000 satanic panic, religious kook, and D-horror VHS tapes. They have recontextualized them and created a narrative feature that reminds us all who we are, why we are here, and what we should be doing with our paltry time on this dumb planet. And now they invite you to be an initiate of the psychedelic devotion of EIT. As you take your blood oath, your journey will brim with evangelical ducks, goopy ghouls, and sad white men who believe that Dungeons and Dragons summon actual horned demons.



1.43GB | 74:59mins | 720×480 | mkv | English


Everything Is Terrible Kidz Klub (2022) | Imdb
EIT has unearthed thousands of forgotten VHS tapes aimed at yesterday’s youth to bring you their most mind-melting movie to date. Watch as all colors of the rainbow join forces to destroy the tyranny of adult civilization once and for all.



935MB | 63:35mins | 720×480 | mkv | English


———extras from dvds———

Everything Is Terrible Kidz Klub Short

1.11GB | 82:32mins | 720×480 | mkv | English


Everything Is Terrible Greatest Hits

1.76GB | 71:19mins | 714×480 | mkv | English

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15 Responses to Everything Is Terrible Presents

  1. Lasse says:

    What? Why? How?
    I… This is… What did i just watch?
    Download it! That stuff is great!

    I want to play it over a video projector at a Bar and the people don’t know whats going on.

  2. raped by mutants says:

    Any chance for Crazy Dave Tape series and Retardotron series? Mixapes are fucking sweet.

  3. tak says:

    I’m going to make some VHS copies, as gifts to all the FU people I know.


  4. E+rock says:

    Please do the same for the TV Carnage series

  5. Jake R says:

    Hope to see more video mixtape genre titles!!!! Love the Everything Is Terrible series!

  6. Dave S. says:

    Looks interesting, but why the need for the “sad white men” crack? As I recall, sad white men are the ones who invented and in the majority, played D&D for most of the game’s existence.

    • Sparrow says:

      Back in the 80s, there was a stupid satanic panic and a bunch of sad, white men tried to get D&D banned. And they were mostly successful. Thankfully, the hobby managed to endure.

  7. Cypop says:

    So fun and clever !!!!
    Thank you RL !

  8. Dean says:

    Thank you so much Rarelust

  9. what a hell is this? thank you very much, im gonna see it toninght.

  10. From Chicago says:


  11. More Everything Is Terrible, pls!!!!

  12. Ebert & Ernie says:

    ALRIGHT! Thanks Rarelust!

  13. Aerial Bender says:

    An amphetamine fueled blitzkrieg of sound & vision guaranteed to restore your sanity and faith in mankind. A universal stream of consciousness for the ultra elite psychotronic videophiles that walk among us. All the stuff and more. I used to have an old cassette deck that I could manually edit better than most sophisticated equipment offered today. I sat for hours spinning the radio dial assembling random snippets that made no sense connected together but in true surrealist form somehow meant something different each time it was played. Brain diarrhea… thanks, R.L.

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