Chelsea Girls (1966)


Directed by: Paul Morrissey, Andy Warhol

Stars: Brigid Berlin, Randy Borscheidt, Christian Päffgen

Language: English

Country: Usa | Imdb Info | Ar: 16:9 | Webrip

Description: Lacking a formal narrative, Warhol’s art house classic follows various residents of the Chelsea Hotel in 1966 New York City, presented in a split screen with a single audio track in conjunction with one side of screen.


6.65GB | 208:12mins | 1280×720 | mkv

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20 Responses to Chelsea Girls (1966)

  1. A fan of the website says:

    It’s possible to download the movie with a free account. Here’s how I did it:

    a) no other download from tezfiles that day
    b) prevented computer from going to sleep (also prevented hard drive from going to sleep), keeping laptop’s monitor turned on but with brightness at 0%

    Good luck!

  2. DJ_Arnaud67 says:

    Hello, i use JDownloader for hosters, always in free mode, i can resume on tez & k2s, depending on uploader with a special referer i can dl with 150-200KB/s on my 2 fav sites rarelust & adultload

  3. Pondscum says:

    To those complaining about file size with non premium ( which I don’t like either) I have found using an app called Free Down Load Manager ver. 5 & up. It is possible to download the full file as it allows for resuming of the file if it is still in your download folder.
    works for me several years now.

  4. Boyd says:

    Any chance of “Outer and Inner Space” too : )

  5. J-B Lucas says:

    Not possible?
    And with and archive splitted into smaller parts?
    Very simple to perform with any decent zipper (7z, Rar, etc.).

  6. Mr.G. says:

    …it’s a document of spare time, killing time, all dressed up and nowhere to go, self-destruct, or come up with ideas; drop a polka dot light on Nico’s idle face and it’s ideation for Warhol’s EPI (first multimedia show on record), the exact still is on the VU Banana backside cover (artefact), other stuff goes on, it’s all there and at the same time it isn’t, it’s a void there to fill or fall into depending you’re the artist or not, you decide it’s an action movie or a horror movie or the lockdown (before covid). Presently it’s impossible to realize the dynamics of “spare time” as it’s all robbed by smartphones/social media/and the Internet leaving little room for creativity.

    • Boyd Walters says:

      The scene with Ondine at the end is one of the most frighteningly real scenes of dangerous psychosis you will see on film … What you need to understand is half the people in this are on methamphetamine You even see Brigit and Ondine shoot up on screen… That is real … The scenarios of course aren’t … Its an incredible capsule of the times as these were the people that were the real artists of what was called “Warhols” art …It was theirs art not his … Having said that, I agree with the person above that mentions the size and TEZFILES !!! … I’ve tried three times and haven’t managed to get it to finish downloading ,,, If anyone has an alternative more reliable link I would be really grateful … Cos this is tragic

      • Mr.G. says:

        It is Cinéma vérité by all means, the film to push the envelope further than this is Enter the Void (Gaspar Noé/2010) a head trip that takes EPI to the next level, RL if you have this delirious artefact would be fantastic to upload.

  7. Observerman says:

    Hi, i would recommend tho the rarelust to provide more option of download, cause some are too big size, and would be interessing if you had another smaller option link to download, without compromisse too much the quality.

  8. Gene says:

    What little I know about this: Hard to say whether there was ever any “definitive” edition of Chelsea Girls. Back when this originally ran in theaters, and for some time after in repertory screenings, I think they altered the reels order (perhaps randomly) and the running time, so it became something of an experience. It may also have been among early inspirations for the “Midnight Movies” trend at certain avant garde leaning theaters, usually in major cities or college towns. Most likely, very few such theaters are still operating.

  9. J-B Lucas says:

    Unfortunately the mkv file is too big to be downloaded in slow speed (download duration greater than 24 hours).

    But I have seen it on a DVD release and this is a Wharolian masterpiece.

    • Ali says:

      I’m also irritated by this sudden shift to HUGE file sizes here; I know that guarantees superior picture quality, but at one point they are just “showing off…” 6.65 GB’s for THIS file, a web rip of a film shot on low resolution 16 mm (or even 8 mm knowing the Warhol crew) is a bit far as “Chelsea Girls” goes, although it is a “Cultural Phenomenon,” and a piece of “Pop Art,” it is hardly a “masterpiece..” a word that is thrown around too generously these’s mostly incoherent, and the random, unscripted dialog is so warbly and incoherent that you need subtitles to understand what they are saying…Morrissey’s “Flesh” trilogy is superior to this, as his lesser known “Bike Boy..” This file doesn’t include subtitles so I recommend downloading them from opensubs…

  10. Mr.G. says:

    Awesome! Thanks (again). Absurd/intrusive at that time but it’s just the pilot to TV realities 30 years later, movie poster used by Felt (The Splendour of Fear/1984, lovely album).

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