Big Zapper (1973)

Directed by: Lindsay Shonteff

Stars:  Linda Marlowe, Richard Monette, Gary Hope

Language: English | Subtitles:  Norwegian | Vhsrip

Note:  Sequel of this movie The Swordsman (1974) also added with this movie both movies joined in single file

Country:  UK | Imdb Info    Imdb Info

Also known as:  The Sex Life of a Female Private Eye, Zapper’s Blade of Vengeance

Description: A female private detective, Harriet Zapper, is hired by a rich old man to find his missing children, and becomes involved in counterfeiting and murder


Both movies in single 1.56gb file
189mins | 720×480 | avi | English

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11 Responses to Big Zapper (1973)

  1. Robbytag says:

    less nudity and sex , but the white dress of heroine, the horny boyfreind and good story , make the movie watchable.

    The sequel is ok

  2. Wendel says:

    Thanks for this AND the sequel

  3. Midiguy4u says:

    Heads up, the subtitle in the 1st film is in block format, so you cant see thru it or around the lettering, which in this case ( no pun intended) is much larger than normal, and IMO, really gets in the way.

  4. Lee F. says:

    Oops. Didnt see that! Thanks.

  5. Lee F. says:

    Thanks! Do you have the sequel?

  6. mohan says:

    Excellent work, thanks RL

  7. Greenberg says:

    I like the movie Big Zapper very much.Please let me see it(download). Thank you.

  8. marmike says:

    Great website, some fantastic movies, thank you so much, one of my all time favorite movies, how I long for it to appear on DVD, a lost classic certainly

  9. Tom Casale says:

    Big props to you! Thanks a million.

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