Alpine Fire (1985)

Directed by: Fredi M. Murer

Stars: Thomas Nock, Johanna Lier, Dorothea Moritz

Language: Swiss German + Commentary (2nd track)  | Subtitles: English, German, French (embed)

Country: Switzerland | Imdb Info | Ar: 1.656 | Dvdrip

Also known as: Höhenfeuer

DescriptionA year on an Alpine farm: an older couple have two children, Belli, who wanted to be a teacher, and the younger Franzi, deaf, and although he works like a man, child-like. Belli teaches him. In his work, he can become frustrated, so when he throws an expensive mower over a cliff in a fit of pique, his father banishes him to the outskirts of the farm, where he uses pubescent energy to break rocks and build walls and cairns. (It’s the tradition of the father’s family, called “The Irascibles” by neighbors, to spend puberty doing this.) Belli visits him and they begin sleeping together. By winter, the boy is back in the house and Belli is pregnant. Soon her parents must know.


2.86GB | 118:34mins | 954×576 | mkv


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4 Responses to Alpine Fire (1985)

  1. GRW says:

    I agree with temnix. love the movie and love incest!!

  2. morito says:

    This movie IS DEFINITELY NOT about “high and essential things”,NOR ARE the feelings between the boy and his sister “clear and tender”,as someone SO WRONGLY says in a comment!THIS IS INCEST,for God’s sake,IT CAN’T EVER BE a high and essential thing!And such feelings SHOULD NEVER EXIST between A BOTHER AND A SISTER!Love and tenderness,yes,but ONLY IN A BROTHERLY WAY!The incestuous feelings MUST BE NOTICED AND NOT PERMITTED TO “develop uncrushed”,FOR THE SAKE OF THE TWO CHILDREN!Also,IT’S NOT TRUE that “ALL parts of this story, in principle, could happen down in the valley”!NO,ALL PARTS COULD NOT HAPPEN DOWN IN THE VALLEY,as THERE ARE MANY ASPECTS that would be DIFFERENT down there!

  3. temnix says:

    This really is a wonderful movie about high and essential things. I was going to add that it’s not for those “down in the valley,” as the father of the family would say, but in truth neither the girl nor the boy are afraid of the wider world that puts an appearance in just one scene of the movie. They are not hiding in the mountains, this environment is simply where clear and tender feelings get a chance to be born and develop uncrushed, where they may be noticed and matter. All parts of this story, in principle, could happen “down in the valley,” only they would be swallowed up in noise and distraction, pulled away in a thousand directions as though for the sake of something greater that unfolds – yet all that is is great confusion. And Johanna Lier is very beautiful.

  4. Maitri says:

    Very touching movie, great that you posted it. Thanks Rl.

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