The School Teacher in House (1978)

Directed by:  Michele Massimo Tarantini

Stars: Edwige Fenech, Renzo Montagnani and Alvaro Vitali

Language:  Italian, English  (2tracks)  | Subtitles: Italian

Country:   Italy |  Imdb Info | Dvd

Also known as:  L’insegnante viene a casa, The Tenant Next Door

Description: The best of the Sexy Schoolteacher series of films starring Edwige Fenech, finds her headlining as Luisa, a redheaded piano teacher (in a short Jean Seberg-like hairdo) with an ample bosom, who rents an apartment in a rooming house peopled by perverts and wackos. Edwige stars as Luisa De Dominicis, a talented pianist who comes to the big city to follow her beloved, a politician running for re-election, who it turns out, is already married. When Luisa learns that her cheating boyfriend is cheating with her, she decides to do more than just tantalize the men of the rooming house where she lives. Before long, a comic display of males are coming through her doors at all hours of the night as a series of comic mishaps have everyone misidentify the zaftig seductress as a lady of the night, when in fact she is just a very sexual woman with a cheating boyfriend.


DVD5 | VIDEO_TS | PAL 16:9 (720×576) | 5446Kbps | 88:04Mins | 3.88GB
Audio: English, Italian AC3-224Kbps (2 tracks) | Subtitles: Italian
Genre: Comedy, Erotica | Italy | Extra: Trailer

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6 Responses to The School Teacher in House (1978)

  1. Claire says:

    Just getting into these Edwige Fenech films, would it be possible to put up a smaller file of just a digital version for this and A POLICE WOMAN IN NEW YORK?

  2. Paul says:

    Thanks for the DVD upload with the Italian subtitles – good source for creating a set of English subs for the original Italian version – much better than transcribing the English language dub!

  3. rarelust says:

    added full dvd

  4. Crocodile says:

    Great Work.Fenech films in English.My sincere Thanks to you

  5. Gary says:

    awesome! thank you. Its great seeing more n more Fenech films becoming subed n dubbed in English! Keep them coming!

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