Execution Squad (1972)

Directed by: Steno

Stars:  Enrico Maria Salerno, Mariangela Melato, Mario Adorf

Language: Italian, English (2 tracks) | Subtitles:  English, German

Country:  Italy | Amazon Info | Imdb Info

Also known as:  La polizia ringrazia

Description: Enrico Maria Salerno is brilliant as the police officer who tries to discover the big ones behind the vigilante group.



1.45Gb | 94mins | 720×304 | mkv


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3 Responses to Execution Squad (1972)

  1. bwana says:

    many thanks for this gem, but the english subtitles do not exist really. I tried to extracty them and there is only one line and nothing more. The german subtitles are OK

  2. Jimmy Cooper says:

    Many Thanks for another superb eurocrime classic

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