War of the Planets (1977)


Directed by: Alfonso Brescia

Stars: John Richardson, Yanti Somer, West Buchanan

Language: English | Subtitles: English (embed)

Country: Italy | Imdb Info | Ar: 16:9 | Tvrip

Also known as: Anno zero – Guerra nello spazio

Description: A strange signal arrives on the Earth disturbing all communications, while a UFO appears above the Antarctic sea. Captain Alex Hamilton is sent with his spaceship and crew to the space outside the Solar System to find the origin of that signal. They reach an unknown planet where a giant robot enslaved a whole population of humanoids by taking their psychic energies. The robot’s got his eyes on the Earth, too.


775MB | 88:30mins | 720×400 | mkv

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  1. William Thomas says:

    “War of the Planets” is a 1977 Italian science fiction film directed by Alfonso Brescia. The film is set in a distant future where humanity is threatened by an alien invasion from the planet Xarbis. In an effort to save the Earth, a team of scientists and soldiers embark on a dangerous mission to find a way to defeat the invaders and save humanity. Along the way, they encounter strange and dangerous creatures, and must use their wits and skills to survive. With special effects and action-packed scenes, “War of the Planets” is a classic example of 70s science fiction, appealing to fans of the genre. Despite its low budget, the film received positive reviews for its imaginative story and exciting action sequences, making it a cult classic in the science fiction genre.

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