Video Nasties: The Definitive Guide (2010)



Video Nasties: The Definitive Guide (2010) Imdb

Disc1 – Video Nasties: Moral Panic, Censorship & Videotape Imdb
The era-defining and critically acclaimed documentary VIDEO NASTIES: MORAL PANIC, CENSORSHIP AND VIDEOTAPE directed by Jake (Doghouse) West and produced by Marc Morris features interviews with filmmakers Neil Marshall (‘The Descent’, ‘Doomsday’), Christopher Smith (‘Severance’, ‘Black Death’) and MP Graham Bright as well as rare archive footage featuring James Ferman (director of the BBFC 1975-1999) & Mary Whitehouse. Taking in the explosion of home video, the erosion of civil liberties, the introduction of draconian censorship measures, hysterical press campaigns and the birth of many careers born in blood and videotape, West’s documentary also reflects on the influence this peculiar era still exerts on us today.


1.21GB | 71:21mins | 720×420 | mkv | English

Disc2 Two presents the 39 titles that were successfully prosecuted in UK courts and deemed liable to deprave and corrupt. These included: ‘Absurd’, ‘Cannibal Holocaust’, ‘The Driller Killer’, ‘I Spit on Your Grave’, ‘Nightmares in a Damaged Brain’, ‘Snuff’ & ‘Zombie Flesh-Eaters’.


1.25GB | 87:09mins | 720×404 | mkv | English | Sub: English

Disc3 Three presents the 33 titles that were initially banned, but then subsequently acquitted and removed from the DPP’s list. These included: ‘Death Trap’, ‘Deep River Savages’, ‘The Evil Dead’, ‘Human Experiments’, ‘The Toolbox Murders’ & Zombie Creeping Flesh.


1.06GB | 76:32mins | 720×408 | mkv | English | Sub: English


Video Nasties: The Definitive Guide Part 2 (2014)  Imdb


DISC 1: Video Nasties: Draconian Days Imdb
The critically acclaimed follow-up documentary to VIDEO NASTIES: MORAL PANIC, CENSORSHIP AND VIDEOTAPE from director Jake West and producer Marc Morris who continue to uncover the shocking story of home entertainment following the introduction of the 1984 Video Recordings Act. The UK was plunged into a new Dark Age of the most restrictive censorship, where the horror movie became the bloody eviscerated victim of continuing dread created by self-aggrandizing moral guardians, and the film charts the consequences of this, including subversive social culture that sprung up around it. With fascinating interviews and more jaw dropping archive footage, get ready to reflect and rejoice on the passing of a turbulent time.


914MB | 97:14mins | 720×404 | mkv | English

DISC 2 + 3
Original trailers for all 82 titles that were designated under “Section 3” of the Obscene Publications Act by the Director of Public Prosecutions. These titles were liable for seizure and forfeiture by the police, removed from sale or hire and then destroyed; although they were not ultimately prosecuted. This amazing list was discovered whilst researching legal paperwork for the original VIDEO NASTIES: THE DEFINITIVE GUIDE and finally clears up why so many additional titles were historically considered to be “Video Nasties”. Titles include: Blood Lust, Brutes and Savages, Cannibals, Dead Kids, Deep Red, Death Weekend, Demented, Eaten Alive, Headless Eyes, Hell Prison, Love Butcher, Mark of the Devil, Massacre Mansion, Savage Terror, Scream for Vengeance, Suicide Cult, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, Xtro and Zombie Holocaust.

DISC 2 Preview

2.60GB | 294:48mins | 720×404 | mkv | English

DISC 3 Preview

2.45GB | 272:43mins | 720×404 | mkv | English

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  1. Paul Kane says:

    with one hell of a catchy song of the same name by the Dammed

  2. siegfried-odinson says:

    thanks a lot for this, a real treasure.

  3. HorrorSpeak says:

    Thanks a lot!

  4. jason says:

    time to update this entire site bud!

  5. bigandya says:

    cheers for this one mate ;)

  6. bongo says:

    Such an important bit of movie history. Thanks a million.

  7. OSMOSIS says:

    BOY—this is gonna be an education. Thanks Rarelust.

  8. Dante D says:

    Thanks a ton for this one! I enjoy the analysis more than the examples cited.

  9. Will says:

    Hours of top entertainment. Brilliant.

  10. yafi says:

    Damn… I spent so much money decades ago trying to collect all of them in most available uncut versions… Now, the vast majority of the titles you can get in HD :-)

    • Anthony says:

      Same here. We were told for so long that these movies could NOT be released in their uncut form. And then, slowly, they all were, after James Ferman was forced to resign for belatedly allowing uncut hardcore porn under the R18 certificate, which was what that certificate was created for in the first place!

      The Melon Farmers website documents all the changes. Dark days for movie fans, let’s hope they are gone forever.

  11. Kraak und Smaak says:

    This is a FANTASTIC package! Highly recommended.Another thank you is in order.

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