Tick tick tick (1970)

Directed by: Ralph Nelson

Stars: Jim Brown, George Kennedy, Fredric March

Language: English

Country: Usa | Imdb Info | Dvdrip

Also known as: …tick… tick… tick…

Description Racial tensions threaten to explode when a black man is elected sheriff of a small, racially divided town in the Deep South.


single shots

1.46GB | 96:47mins | 720×304 | avi

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2 Responses to Tick tick tick (1970)

  1. Oh yeah, a hard to find CLASSIC of the Blaxploitation genre. There’s a new sheriff in town, and his name is Jim Brown. Oh Yeah, You can’t go wrong with Jim Brown in the early 70’s, in anything. His later Troma stuff is much more phoned in, less authentic feel to it than his early works. Making a cash grab, but, hey, the man deserves it. On of the best NFL players of all time and basically was paid squat, and ripped off at every turn, very unfortunate, although he remains an ambassador for his former team, the Cleveland Browns, no, not named after him but shudda been, named after their original owner, Paul Brown, who was white, just sayin’. But in the book of heroes, Jim head and shoulders above Paul, hell, Paul is not even on the list, and Jim, he’s still a Bad Mannnnnnn. Post all of Blaxploitation you can find, been looking for a clean copy of The Black 6 for ever, another NFL great, Mean Joe Greene, as a biker, cant beat that with a wicked stick…..KUDOS R/L!

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