The Movies of my Father (2007)

Directed by: Augusto Martínez Torres

Stars: Karme Málaga, Ariadna Cabrol, Marisa Lull

Language: Portuguese

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Also known as:  Les pel·lícules del meu pare

Description Perhaps the most unconventional and egocentric film I have ever seen as tells about a man that just a few weeks ago passed away and his daughter discovering that he used to do movies that he never talked about them to her. The twist is that the man that was a producer/director is Augusto Martínez Torres and the real director/writer of the movie is also him. In the fictional narrative the daughter wants to learn more about the films and wants to recuperate the negatives, so she gets in touch with people that worked with her father, that actually are friends and co-workers of the real director. The movie is full of what it looks like gratuitous nakedness by the beautiful lead actress, but then at the end it makes sense as everything in the movie and in the father films is sexually related. Including a long unconventional lesbian interest sub-plot that the leading character has with a girl at the film institute where she’s researching her father films.



700MB | 98:27mins | 528×400 | avi

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6 Responses to The Movies of my Father (2007)

  1. temnix says:

    By the way, this isn’t Spanish. It’s Portuguese.

  2. facs says:

    Lo unicxo rescatable de esta cintya es las escenas lesbicas, el resto esta del asco

  3. Frans Alten says:

    The whole world speaks Spanish?
    Great! I am not. Somebody has English subtitels for this film?

  4. Este é o quinto filme que tento baixar por slow download (mirror) e não consigo, dá erro de final inesperado o arquivo está corrompido será minha máquina?. Gostaria que verificassem.

  5. Engin says:


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