6 Responses to The Clonus Horror (1979)

  1. From Chicago says:

    Thank you, RareLust

  2. Mastermind77 says:

    Great movie.i search this one for years.thanks a lot

  3. Trey says:

    A very clever B movie that’s become something of a cult classic. The makers of ‘Clonus’ sued the makers of ‘The Island’ (which is a blatant rip-off) and won a 7 figure judgement.

    • Dezz Nutz says:

      I wouldnt necessarily “cheer” when “ART” sues other “ART” for being a “remake” which is seemingly half of what Hollywood produces now, for better, or for WORSE.
      If one of the 7 deadly sins didnt run the world right now we wouldnt cheer on the destruction of certain “ART” when said art imitates other art.

  4. vanDusen says:

    So great to see this SF-Horror-Schlock. Very interesting to see from where Michael Bay gets his “ideas”…

  5. Wendel says:

    Later to be know as “The Island.”

    Did not know this still existed outside of the MST3K version. Thank you for this rare gem.

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