The Blood Rose (1970)

Directed by:  Claude Mulot

Stars: Philippe Lemaire, Anny Duperey and Elizabeth Teissier

Language:  English, French (2 tracks) | Subtitles: English

Country:    France |  IMDB Info

Also known as:  La rose ecorchée, Devil’s Maniac, H comme horreur, Horror Maske, Ravaged, The Burnt Rose, The Flayed Rose, Tre gocce di sangue per una rosa

Description: Nubile young women used as unwilling parts in a grotesque experiment .. The First Sex-Horror Film Ever Made!

Review: Sleazy and atmospheric French horror flick,…. Hyped as The First French Sex-Horror Film “The Blood Rose” certainly delivers the goods.Lemaire plays an aging painter whose wedded bliss to gorgeous Anne turns to tragedy,when she nearly gets in a catfight with his former lover and falls into a fire in a pretty hilarious scene.She is of course horribly scarred.The great Howard Vernon plays a surgeon who may be able to return her to her former beauty,but he’ll need a live victim to do it.So women are brought to the artist’s château in order to get a face.The dwarfs,who were the painter’s longtime servants,are charged with capturing the girls.Clearly inspired by Franju “Eyes Without the Face” “The Blood Rose” features lovely Gothic setting of French medieval castle, great-looking women and a healthy dose of sleaze.Rollin-esquire atmosphere is well-captured and the climax is fantastic.7 out of 10.


1Gb | 95mins | 720×442 | avi


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