Teen Lust (1979)

Directed by: James Hong

Stars: Kirsten Baker, Perry Lang, Leslie Cederquist

Language: English + Commentary (2tracks)

Country: Usa | Imdb Info | Dvdrip + DVD

Also known as: The Girls Next Door, High School Teasers, Police Girls Academy, Police Academy Girls, Mom Never Told Me

DescriptionCareless romantic fun and adventure as TEEN LUST peers into the carefree world of these four adolescents, who are out to experience all of life’s pleasures during a single summer vacation. Carol’s summer vacation is starting out awful. First she finds her boyfriend Terry fooling around with a buxom blonde and her mother starts pressuring her to marry the wimpy-but-wealthy boy next door. Just as Carol is about to give up all hope on any summer fun, she and her best friend Neely decide to volunteer for the local police department as undercover prostitution bait. This proves to be a hilarious and exciting summer job. Carol and Neely lure every man in town! How did you sepnd your summer vacation? It wasn’t anything like TEEN LUST. Find out what happened to the girls next door while you were away at camp!


1.43GB | 86:40mins | 853×480 | mkv | English

[[—-(Theatrical + Director’s Cut) – Full Dvd9—-]]

Previews Longer Theatrical Version

Previews Director’s Cut Version

DVD9 | English AC3-192Kbps | VIDEO_TS | NTSC 720×480 (2.40.1) | 6197Kbps | 7.30GB
Director’s Cut Version (77:10mins) The Girl Next Door from the Original Negatives
Longer Theatrical Version (86:34mins) Teen Lust from a 35mm Print
Extra: Commentary + 2 Trailers (Teen Lust and The Girl next Door)

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4 Responses to Teen Lust (1979)

  1. Danny says:

    Whilst I do prefer the “directors cut” in ANY movie, considering the size difference, Is the directors cut worth the extra weight?
    Many thanks

    • rarelust says:

      not much idea
      you can read online review sites to understand

    • Veit Harlan says:

      To that I always counter with Peter Weir’s destruction of his own The Picnic at Hanging Rock. Probably the worst director’s cut in history.

    • Dezz Nutz says:

      Because of the addition of new scenes, its kind of a new experience, plus, if you like the movie, its brings something fresh.

      Of course as the review above me noted, not all directors cuts are better. Im not a fan of Ridley Scotts director cut, especially of Alien. Ridley Scott adds new scenes in his Directors Cut, but then he TAKES AWAY scenes we already know and expect in the picture in fact Scott says the theatrical version IS his vision, so WHY DO IT THEN?
      Mirror that with James Camerons Directors cut of Aliens, which adds a bunch of new scenes cut from the theatrical, and you have two completely different views of how a Directors Cut should be done.

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