Starfighters (1992)

Directed by: Fabián Arnaud, Rodolfo Lopezreal

Stars: Gloria Mayo, El Misterioso, El Volador

Language: Spanish

Country: Mexico | Imdb Info | Dvdrip

Also known as: Luchadores de las estrellas

Description: space vampire pursuing a princess from a distant galaxy crash lands on Earth. The vampire and his three little alien assistants continue to search for the princess on this planet, who is now posing as the female wrestler Larossa.


single shots

895mb | 90:48mins | 528×400 | avi

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One Response to Starfighters (1992)

  1. OSMOSIS says:

    Oh, HELL YEA!!! And, here’s MY STORY as to why I love this film;
    We used to have a Spanish Video Store in my city–much like a Blockbusters, same type of movies, but only from Mexico and South America. I was renting LOLA THE TRUCKER 3 (because Rosa Gloria Chagoyun was the sheeeit!!)–even though it wasn’t subbed. Now, the clerk pointed me to THIS FILM–because it just came out at the time, so I decided to check it out–and mainly because it had a wrestler I liked. To put it simply, this film was fun. WHO NEEDS Subs, when the action and fantasy rules. Plus, I knew a little Spanish, so I got a few laughs at our Heroes fighting over WHO would DATE the heroine. Great Film.

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