Secret Lives (2010)

Directed by: Austin Brooks

Stars:  Beverly Lynne, Brendan Connor, Krissy Lynn, Angelica Saige

Language: English | hdtvrip

Country:  Usa |  Imdb Info  |  Tech Info

Description: A lawyer is forced to keep secrets from her gorgeous detective boyfriend in this steamy adult film. When a beautiful model turns up dead, the Assistant District Attorney takes charge of the case. But when her detective sweetheart starts asking questions, the lawyer is thrust into a dilemma: have a sexy romance or solve a murder?


1.63gb | 79mins | 1280×720 | mp4

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6 Responses to Secret Lives (2010)

  1. john says:

    I do not understand how MRG can make a movie like this, censor the hell out of it for CINEMAX, and then NOT sell the uncensored version… Unless Cinemax censored it, but nonetheless. DAMN I wish this movie was available uncensored and uncut. I HAVE seen the version that is highly censored. They blur EVERYTHING even CLOSE and they blur it so much that it could be run on the cartoon network and get no complaints. Well maybe ONE complaint. I want the uncensored uncut version. HOWEVER, if this version is very clear AND large format, then thank you for providing this. You have a talent for getting some GREAT films on this site. And it has remained up for a while too.

  2. Joe says:

    They NEVER did solve the crime. HAHAHA

  3. hawk says:

    Krissy Lynn, in the photograph scene wonderful. A guy so passionately fucked and Krissy and touch all the time and squeezed her amazing boobs.

  4. Max says:

    There is a version from this film that Krissy Lynn, in the photograph scene, show off and masturbates her pussy, this version hear isn’t that one.

  5. Julius says:

    ayou are amazing!


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