School for Sex (1969)

Directed by: Pete Walker

Stars: Derek Aylward, Rose Alba, Bob Andrews

Language: English

Ty ripper: na | Country: Uk | Imdb Info | Ar: 1.85:1  | Dvdrip

Also known as: School for Love

DescriptionBritish Sexploitation/Sex Comedy. Lord Wingate, aquitted after appearing in court for fraud, starts up a ‘finishing school’ to teach girls how to extract money from rich men, in return for a percentage of their gains. He enlists the help of the Duchess of Burwood (Alcoholic Aristocrat played by Rose Alba) as a teacher and Hector (Cockney Geezer played by Nosher Powell) as fitness instructor. A probation officer friend supplies the first batch of pupils fresh from Holloway prison via a clapped out old mini bus. Suspicious neighbours and police together with newspaper reports naming the prison girls now hobnobbing in high society results in a raid and new court appearance for Lord Wingate. The Judge sentences him but plots to start up his own ‘school for sex


795MB | 77:13mins | 720×388 | mkv

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7 Responses to School for Sex (1969)

  1. Daemon Tim says:

    So what happened to that print. Mrskin has several shots showing way more nudity including bush. So the print must be available somewhere? or not?

  2. Giff Hillary says:

    There was an American version of this film which had much more nudity. In the British release the girls in the camper van were wearing bikini’s but in the US release they were nude. I havent been able to find that one anywhere.

    • rarelust says:

      that print never released for viewing

      • HarveNYC says:

        I’ve found three different copies of this film and (as stated) none of them seem to have much nudity, certainly not the nude scenes shown on some websites, but then it took me many-many years to get an uncensored copy of Virtual Desire, though it’s a so-so copy .. still, I have faith that if it exists, it can be located.
        I think the last copy might have been on Hilary’ E-Mail serve .. Dammit :-) LOL

  3. Will says:

    School for Sex by Pete Walker? Yes please! Thanks once again to this wonderful site.

  4. J B says:

    Thanks for uploading!!!

  5. Terrell says:

    Looks like fun! Thanks!

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