Rosemarys Baby (1968)


Directed by: Roman Polanski

Stars: Mia Farrow, John Cassavetes, Ruth Gordon

Language: English | Subtitles: English (embed)

Country: Usa | Imdb Info | Ar: 16:9 | Brrip

Description: A young couple move into an apartment, only to be surrounded by peculiar neighbors and occurrences. When the wife becomes mysteriously pregnant, paranoia over the safety of her unborn child begins to control her life.


2.15GB | 136:58mins | 1280×720 | mkv

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3 Responses to Rosemarys Baby (1968)

  1. Lee Baron says:

    Christopher Lee oftentimes stated that this film was the most terrifying film of all times, not so much for what is seen, but for what is suggested. Think what you may of Polanski’s private affairs, he is one of the most talented, gifted and genius filmmaker that ever lived, period. And this movie, along with Dance of the Vampires, Chinatown and The Pianist, might be his finest work yet. He is in his best form, brilliantly juxtaposing the horrible deeds of a coven of New-Yorker witches, such as the “suicide” of the girl sheltered by the Castevets or the “blinding” of the actor competing with Guy for an important role, with the real-life fears of any pregnant woman, be they just the dread of losing the baby or carrying the Antichrist… All reasons to not watch this with your pregnant wife! The acting is witty (watch Ruth Gordon eat cake…) and the cinematography is astounding, as with all Polanski master works, where the use of lighting, in the Dakota for example, is delightfully oppressive, while the downward spiralling atmosphere is mainly carried by the soundtrack. Throughout this nightmare you cannot escape the diabolically paranoid musical score of Krzystof Komeda, which is literally out of this world. Totally unheard before, and totally Oscar worthy, though KK was denied any nomination that year! Certainly as original as Jerry Goldsmith’s The Omen, who later won the coveted statue… Anywho, just the music alone scares the living nightlight — or the dying daylight — out of you! Polanski’s adaptation of Ira Levin’s novel is dazzling in its simplicity, cleverly transposing the written word into film, which is what all great movie auteurs do. Following in the footsteps of modern-day horror (by opposition to the classic movie monsters that reigned supreme until then) such as was portrayed in Psycho, this milestone film helped redefine the genre for years to come, from the Omen and the Exorcist, to more recently, Hereditary, Get Out and Mother (2017), all great films that, when all is said and done, are what real terror is all about!

  2. From Chicago says:

    Thanks for HD!

  3. Muff Diver says:

    Another classic film!

    Thanks for more thrills, RL :)

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