Return of Halleluja (1972)

Return of Halleluja

Directed by: Giuliano Carnimeo

Stars:  George Hilton, Lincoln Tate, Agata Flori

Language: English,  German (2 Tracks)

Country:  Germany | Imdb Info | Dvdrip

Also known as:  Il West ti va stretto, amico… è arrivato Alleluja, Beichtet, Freunde, Halleluja kommt

Description: Hallelujah (Hilton) is hired by an incompetent Mexican revolutionary (Roberto Camardiel) to recover a lost Aztec idol, with which he will be able to elicit the help of the native tribes in his hapless uprising. However, such a powerful symbol has it’s attractions for a wide range of other individuals, most notably a chubby proto-capitalist who sees it as an opportunity to gain rites of export exclusivity in the gold trade by selling it to a rival commandant. Also along for the ride are kilt-wearing Archie (Lincoln Tate) and his erstwhile partner Fleurette (Agata Flori), who are also out to make a quick dime.


Return of Halleluja.cap

1.38gb | 92mins | 720×336 | avi

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