Rabbit in the Pit (1969)


Directed by: Roger Fritz

Stars: Helga Anders, Anthony Steel, Françoise Prévost

Language: English, German (2tracks)  | Subtitles: English, German (embed)

Country: Germany | Imdb Info | Ar: 1.659 | Brrip

Also known as: Häschen in der Grube

Description: Leslie, a talented ballerina, has been having an almost incestuous relationship with her mother’s lover for quite some time. Torn between sexual desire and disgust, Leslie’s relationship with the tyrannical and voluptuous Maurice soon weighs on the (actually only pro forma) relationship between Maurice and Francine. One day, Leslie’s salvation comes in the form of the restless, roughly the same-age performance artist Brian. When both young people fall in love with each other, Maurice reacts jealously and Leslie has to decide with whom she wants to stay


5.80GB | 94:43mins | 1792×1080 | mkv



====bluray extras====

Short film “Verstummte Stimmen 1962 | imdb

237MB | 11:27mins | 790×576 | mkv | German | Sub: English, German


Short film “Zimmer im Grünen 1964 | imdb

252MB | 12:15mins | 790×576 | mkv | German | Sub: English, German


Interview with Roger Fritz

155MB | 14:15mins | 1280×720 | mkv | German | Sub: English, German

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2 Responses to Rabbit in the Pit (1969)

  1. Shizzelbitch says:

    Let me just say you are doing gods work!

  2. Mr.G. says:

    Wow, that’s a rare 1,000 copies limited edition disk, the short extras are the more interesting,,Verstummte Stimmen (voices fall silent) is voices heard behind the Berlin Wall 1962, however same title is associated with 2006 monuments across German operas for the expulsion of Jewish musicians by the Nazis, highly contemporary reminder at present.

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