Odyssey The Ultimate Trip (1977)

Directed by: Gerard Damiano

Stars: Robert Kerman, Nancy Dare, Crystal Sync

Language: English, French (2tracks)

Country: Usa |  Imdb Info  | dvdrip

Also known as: Odissea sessuale, Odyssex

Description: Three unrelated stories. The first is about a dissatisfied, hurtful couple clinging together to spite each other rather than take the risk of finding a relationship. The second story consists of a series of female clients at a psychologist’s office that each tell their bitter and sad stories of how they developed their attitudes towards men or sex in general. The final story is a day in the life of a model that can’t seem to get past posing for the men’s magazine circuit, the daily abuse she deals with, her feelings of enslavement, and the impact upon her sanity.


1.12gb | 80:24mins | 788×576 | mkv

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  1. Wendel says:

    You are aces in my book!

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