Mister Frost (1990)


Directed by: Philippe Setbon

Stars: Jeff Goldblum, Kathy Baker, Alan Bates

Language: English | Subtitles: Dutch (embed)

Country: France | Imdb Info | Ar: 4:3 | Dvdrip uncut

Description:  A serial killer gets sent to a mental institution, but as his insidious presence cause the doctors and orderlies to receive strange visions, his psychiatrist tries to find out his true identity.


2.21GB | 103:47mins | 767×588 | mkv

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7 Responses to Mister Frost (1990)

  1. Drone 2577 says:

    I’m afraid that’s not the uncut version. There’s a little bit more after the ambulance door closes at the end in the uncut version. A tiny bit more of Kathy Baker being psychoanalyzed in an office that cuts abruptly to black with very very ominous portent. They ran that one on either showtime or cinemax back in the day, I wish I remembered which. But I have been scouring the internets with no success for it. They don’t even have that ending on YouTube or most streaming sites. I wonder if in fact it was a european cut, but this was obvs a dutch copy with the sub stream in it. It exists, I swear.

    • rarelust says:

      there are 2 versions
      US version VHS NTSC 90 mins
      Dutch dvd uncut 104 min version PAL

      US VHS version of the film were a slightly re-edited and altered 90 min edition. The full uncut version runs just about 104mins– almost 15 mins longer than the US version.
      Both editions feature some differences including both versions having a slightly different ending.

      i have posted dutch dvd version because its longer and better print ..

      nothing better..

  2. Spin says:

    This is such a great movie. Thanks!

  3. DJF says:

    Wonderful performance from Goldblum, but I’ve always felt the bulk of the film does not live up to the utterly brilliant opening.

    I mean, the man threw baked Alaska in the trash. More evil than that, it does not get.

  4. rogrich says:

    Thank you. This is a truly great film.

  5. Maitri says:

    Awesome underrated film ! Thank you for this one RL.

  6. billy louviere says:

    Great movie! Thank you!

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