Midnight in Saint Petersburg (1996)


Directed by: Douglas Jackson

Stars: Michael Caine, Jason Connery, Yuri Limonty

Language: English

Country: Uk | Imdb Info | Ar: 4:3 | (pal) Dvdrip

Description:¬†Former British secret agent Harry Palmer now runs a Private Investigation company in Russia. He gets a job to locate and recover a consignment of stolen Plutonium, and with the help of colleague Nikolai Petrov he sets off to St. Petersburg to try and find it. Along the way he must deal with the violent Russian Mafia, and also find Nikolai’s girlfriend Tatiana who has been kidnapped.


1.89GB | 85:57mins | 763×572 | mkv

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9 Responses to Midnight in Saint Petersburg (1996)

  1. BKitt says:

    This appears to be only the first 49 minutes of the movie?

    • rarelust says:

      download properly .. file your watching is 1.89GB?

      • Mdare says:

        BKitt is not the only one whose playback stops after 49 minutes. After four downloads and different unzipping programs, the movie never plays past the 49-minute mark. My theory is that the file is too large for the free Boom service. I’ll get around to subscribing to the premium service one of these days, but if you were able to post the rar file in two parts that also might solve the problem. Hate to quibble, because the site otherwise works like a charm and is nothing short of a miracle for film lovers.

  2. Albert says:

    Thank you for this film. I saw this film years ago, nice to see this one back again. Only available on VHS..

  3. Bob Flemming says:

    I am a bit late to say thanks, but much appreciated to follow up on my request, many thanks.

  4. faxeholm1234 says:

    Thanks for the two Harry Palmer films.

  5. some1else says:

    Make that another thank you from a Harry Palmer fan.

  6. JDoes says:

    Thank you for posting this and also for posting Bullet to Beijing 3 days ago. I have been looking for these 2 films for a long time to complete my Harry Palmer Collection.

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