Melancholie der Engel (2009)

Directed by:  Marian Dora

Stars: Zenza Raggi, Frank Oliver and Janette Weller

Language:  German | Subtitles: English

Country:  Germany |  IMDB Info

Also known as:  Melancholy of Angels, The Angels Melancholy

Description:  A dark secret connects Katze and Brauth, two middle aged men. Katze has the clue that his end is near. The two friends meet again after years to share their last days in the old house where everything happened a long time ago. With three girls they met on their way, the atmosphere begins to recur a second time. When Heinrich, and old artist, decides to attend after all, the friends have their last chance to renew and cut with the history and to settle an old score. In the melancholy of the near end, Katze passes again all the situations in his life. In the hour of death, he’s not alone anymore. His body is gone and his soul stays back in the same place where his destiny and fulfillment occurred

Review: Melancholie Der Engel is widely regarded by most extreme horror film fans as the single most extreme film that has ever been created. This film pushes every boundary that has ever been set before in an extreme film. There are scenes in here that will make even the most hardened horror fan cringe.


1.66gb | 159mins | 656×368 | avi

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One Response to Melancholie der Engel (2009)

  1. Ian says:

    absolutley appalling, boring and disgusting

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