Legend Of Lady Blue (1978)

Directed by:  Jesse Pearson

Stars:  Maureen Spring, Phaedra Grant, Gloria Leonard, Lauren Black, Eileen Wells, Chris Cross, Faye Young, Joan Devlon, John Smith, John Leslie, Billy Dee, Joey Silvera

Language:  English

Country:  Usa |  Imdb Info

Also known as:   A Febre Louca do Sexo, Confessions of Lady Blue, Deliranti avventure erotiche dell’agente speciale Margo, Den erotiska berättelsen om Lady Blue, Kuuma ja kiimainen

Description:  Erotic film about real people. Iris and Casey are childhood sweethearts from a small town in South Dakota. Their friend, Shelby, makes up the trio, who leaves with Casey to join the Marines. Meanwhile, Iris leaves for Hollywood to chase her dream. Busy pursuing her career, Iris breaks her engagement to Casey, and picks up with an impossible Hollywood agent-Gloria Diamond. Years later, Casey and Iris meet by chance. Their lives have changed drastically, and perhaps NOT for the best!



700mb | 81mins | 448×336 | avi

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5 Responses to Legend Of Lady Blue (1978)

  1. LuvMahesh says:

    A story with sex functions better, this movie doesn’t really reveal.

  2. TexTom101 says:

    A greatly improved poster. Noticeable folds removed for use on your personal media server: http://www.imagebam.com/image/b6de0c1358215182

  3. vassili says:

    Hi ! Hmm.. There is no Joan Devlon at all in this film..

  4. hombre1 says:

    imdb and iafd don’t credit Joan Devlon

    scenes from iafd
    1. Maureen Spring, John Smith
    2. oriental, black_guy
    3. oriental, guy
    4. Phaedra Grant, guy
    5. oriental, black_guy
    6. Phaedra Grant, black_guy, David Book
    7. guys, Mick Jones
    8. Faye Young, John Smith
    9. Faye Young, Billy Dee
    10. Phaedra Grant, black_guy, Joey Silvera, John Leslie
    11. Gloria Leonard, Maureen Spring
    12. Gloria Leonard
    13. Christine Kelly, Lauren Black, John Leslie
    14. Eileen Wells, guy
    15. blonde, Carl Regal
    16. Maureen Spring, guy
    17. Maureen Spring, Rudy Graham

  5. John says:

    This is the kind of porn they don’t make anymore… quality production and good acting with a decent plot… good stuff from the golden age!

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