Infra Man (1975)


Directed by: Shan Hua

Stars: Danny Lee, Terry Liu, Hsieh Wang

Language: English, Mandarin (2tracks)  | Subtitles: English (embed)

Country: Hong Kong | Imdb Info | Ar: 2.35:1 | Brrip

Also known as: Zhong guo chao ren, The Super Inframan

Description: Princess Dragon Mom and her mutant army have arisen, and only Inframan can stop them!


1.42GB | 87:36mins | 1280×542 | mkv

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13 Responses to Infra Man (1975)

  1. From Chicago says:

    Thank you, RL!!!

  2. RockBelmont says:

    I’m getting fboom errors on this one, not sure if it’s on my end or a dead link. Thanks.

  3. hkfan says:

    Is it possible for you to upload the Cantonese audio track? thanks!!

    • rarelust says:

      possible but can’t add it will take lot of time..
      and i can work extra for eng dub only

      • hkfan says:

        How about just the separate audio track file only? I can combine it myself in VLC. Sorry if I sound demanding, I don’t mean to. If it’s too much trouble then it’s okay. Thank you for the movie!!

        • rarelust says:

          thing is i have to get 21GB full bluray then rip it to get audio..i can do it but i will charge 2$ fees
          this is just to assure you need it for real..
          mail me if interested

  4. Metallak says:

    neat stuff! don’t know how you found such a good copy.
    ty much.

  5. OSMOSIS says:

    This had the BIGGEST US Ad Promotion of any Shaw Bros. Film in ’76 (even Network TV ads–not just local stations). And, as a kid at the time, with THIS (and GODZILLA VS. MEGALON–also on the big Promo tip), I was all up in this. The film is all-out madness, and kinda cool–even after all this time. (And yea–the girls were HOT, even Queen Beelzebub/Princess Dragon Mom. ^_^ ).
    Thanks, Rarelust–you constantly ROCK!! ^_^

  6. J.P. McPickleshitter says:

    Greatest film ever. and I’d break it off in Princess Dragon Mom in a second.

  7. Wendel says:

    Oddly enough, saw this as the second feature at the Drive-in with Buck Rogers.

  8. Hyata Shaw says:

    Loved that tag line, “Inframan! The Ultimate in Science Fiction!”

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