Il solco di pesca (1975)

Directed by:  Maurizio Liverani

Stars:  Martine Brochard, Gloria Guida and Alberto Terracina

Language:  Italian | Subtitles: English

Country:  Italy |  Imdb Info

Description:  This movie centers around a group of people that are both very Italian-Catholic and the same time oversexed and jaded European bourgeosis from the late “dolce vita” era. The main protagonist is a former priest who has become bored to the point of impotence by the easy availability of beautiful women. He misses the shame of the priesthood which made sex somehow more enjoyable, and this somehow leads to his strange fascination with photographing asses . He gets involved with a sexy married woman (Martine Brochard), but he is more interested in her virginal maid (Gloria Guida)–or, to be more specific, in the maid’s ass. The woman’s husband meanwhile, a hilariously pretentious actor, discovers the affair. Strangely, he is not angry at his wife’s infidelity but depressed that she was so indiscreet, and he too takes solace in his maid’s ass.



1.08GB | 92mins | 704×400 | avi

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  1. Azur says:

    I love so much Gloria Guida. Thank you so much for the good quality. The best site.

  2. TexTom101 says:

    An older poster from the original movie release improved for fold damage. Good for your personal media server:

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