Horror High (1973)


Directed by: Larry N. Stouffer

Stars: Pat Cardi, Austin Stoker, Rosie Holotik

Language: English + Commentary (2nd track)

Country: Usa | Imdb Info | Ar: 16:9 | Dvdrip

Also known as: Twisted Brain

Description: A nerdy high school super whiz experiments with a chemical which will transform his guinea pig “Mr. Mumps” from a gentle pet into a ravenous monster. In a fit of rage against his tormentors at the high school, Vernon Potts (Pat Cardi) goes on a killing spree, eliminating all of those who ever picked on him – the Gym Coach, the School Jock, The Creepy Janitor (Mr. Griggs) & his hated teacher, Ms. Grindstaff. In the end he gets the jock’s girlfriend for himself but his happiness is short-lived as the potion turns him into a monster hunted by the towns lame police Lieutenant – Bosman.


1.57GB | 83:45mins | 848×480 | mkv

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4 Responses to Horror High (1973)

  1. Ali says:

    They used to show this on tv back in the day. I remember it being a nasty movie and I was surprised they could get away with showing it. It was called “Twisted Brain” back then, and this one along with the excellent “Bad Ronald” scared the hell out of me. Thanks for making this available..

  2. Tony says:

    Thanks very much for this rare flick!

  3. Donnie says:

    Thank you so much. Indeed hard to find classic plus it’s a good copy.

  4. Frank Farina says:

    Wow! Thank you for including the commentary. This DVD is getting hard to track down (oop).

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