Hollywood Sins (2000)

Directed by: Edward Holzman

Stars: Justin Carroll, Kim Sill, Eric Acsell

Language: English

Country: Usa | Imdb Info | Vhsrip [Unrated]

Also known as: Love’s Hidden Talent

Description: In the glamorous world of Hollywood, it’s not what you know but who you know. As owners of their own talent agency, Simon and Billy are constantly surrounded by a bevy of beautiful actresses. Simon is engaged to a popular actress, Tracy, and they make an agreement – to allow each other to have affairs with other partners, as long as they tell each other about their sexual experiences. This is the ideal situation for Simon, until he meets his dream-girl, another actress, Kayleen. When Tracy and Kayleen are up for the same part, Simon is faced with a difficult decision.


1.32gb | 107:23mins | 640×480 | mp4

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2 Responses to Hollywood Sins (2000)

  1. Danny says:

    Yeah, truly, that you’re doing a great and helpful job with your collecting of any and all of them right here, RL, and please do keep it all up.

    Really, that I also hope that you can eventually get the “tv version”/”different edit” of this movie here, since that I had seen this one on Cinemax a long time ago and I know that Kaylene had a couple more lines in that barroom scene, and to be honest that I can even now pretty much quote them: her talking to Simon, “Do you know what I was doing, while waiting for your phone call, that never came?”, “I made up a list of things that I’m going to avoid for the rest of the year, and do you know what was at the top of that list?”, Simon with that silent look of “Hey, I sure don’t know.”, and then Kaylene ended all of that with her saying, “Lying agents.”

    Lastly, that I’m seriously hoping that the next one of these movies that you can get added in here for all of us is actually with “Intimate Nights” (1998), and every time that I attempt to get a hold of this movie that it always ends up being the “different language subtitles spoken after the English dialogue lines”, and even though that I honestly only saw that one whole scene with that white suit wearing cop guy then going in to check on her, him saying that he’ll now be the “someone else” to now protect her 24/7, her only saying “Good.” about that, her giving him one of her lap-dances, before both of them getting then getting startled during it all by some other noise in her house, and that was it, huh friend? >Danny<

  2. Kamshufna says:

    honestly cant thank you enough !!
    Appreciate all the time and effort.

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