Historias Que Nossas Babas Nao Contavam (1979)


Directed by: Oswaldo de Oliveira

Stars: Adele Fátima, Costinha, Meiry Vieira

Language: Portuguese

Country: Brazil | Imdb Info | Ar: 16:9 | Hdtvrip

Description: Once upon a time there was a conceited and unfaithful Queen that frequently consults her magic mirror to learn if there is anyone prettier than she. When her husband the King passes away, the Queen believes that her lover the Prince will marry her. However, the Prince meets the virgin Clara das Neves and shags her in the woods; then he tells the Queen that he wants to marry her stepdaughter. The jealous Queen hires the Hunter to shag Clara das Neves and execute her. However he lets her go and Clara das Neves meets the seven dwarfs and she moves to their house. Only the dwarf Nervous, who is gay, does not have sex with Clara das Neves. The six dwarfs and Clara das Neves are happy with their lives; when the Prince finds Clara das Neves, she prefers to stay with the six dwarfs, but the Prince brings Nervous with him in his horse.


2.06GB | 91:28mins | 1360×768 | mkv

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2 Responses to Historias Que Nossas Babas Nao Contavam (1979)

  1. Blastdoor says:

    Wow, Adele Fátima is gorgeous. Would love to see more of her.

  2. Robbytag says:

    no subtitles so cannot understand . very dated , also a little comic , good nudity but sex scenes not at all good

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