Finis Hominis (1971)


Directed by: José Mojica Marins

Stars: José Mojica Marins, Teresa Sodré, Roque Rodrigues

Language: Portuguese | Subtitles: English (embed)

Country: Brazil | Imdb Info | Ar: 16:9 | Dvdrip

Also known as: End of Man

Description: Stark naked man comes out from the sea and begins to walk the streets, interfering in daily episodes, always in search of justice. He names himself Finis Hominis (The End of Man, in latin), and soon becomes sort of a modern Messiah, capable of performing miracles. An adulterous woman and a cheated husband are among his most faithful followers, as well as a group of hippies.


1.55GB | 79:34mins | 1920×1080 | mp4

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4 Responses to Finis Hominis (1971)

  1. Ariel Bender says:

    As Monty Python once said, “And now for something completely different. The wild and woolly world of José Mojica Marins AKA Coffin Joe is a provocative change of pace for the uninitiated. There’s an abundance of horror treasures in Marins’ coffin and a few art house thought-provokers as well. This one reminds me of the work of Fernando Arrabal and some early Alejandro Jodorowsky. A surreal black comedy that pokes fun at the messiah complex and may have influenced Python’s own ‘Life of Brian’.

  2. rkellner says:

    Killer! Another rare Coffin Joe upgrade while we wait for the supposed Arrow Box set.

  3. HrNn says:

    A true pioneer in horror cinema! thank you!

  4. Roberto Garcia says:

    Coffin Joe, one of the best movie makers from Brazil, a self-taught genius, who learned about cinema watching and making it.
    I love Coffin Joe, having many of his movies on official DVDs, and have read his wonderful biography, “Maldito”.
    Rest in Peace, José Mojica Marins!

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