2 Responses to Farmers Daughter And Her Punishment Pony (1977)

  1. Like2look says:

    The irony is that by the early 2000s there was no longer a “scene” in San Francisco. The reputation remained, but the nightclubs and stage shows depicted in this “documentary” were largely long gone. Verdict: Denmark won.

  2. Ian says:

    I love the idea that, because censorship meant that San Francisco clubs could not have everything that could be done in Denmark, that San Francisco clubs were losing business to there.

    “Gee honey, where would you like to go tonight?” “Well, darling, as the local clubs can’t have fucking on stage, let’s go across the continent and the Atlantic to Copenhagen for the evening!”

    Some of the voice-over is just repeated too. It’s almost as if the commentary wasn’t considered important for anything other than trying to have some redeeming purpose…

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