Era lui, sì, sì! (1951)

Directed by: Marino Girolami

Stars: Walter Chiari, Isa Barzizza, Carlo Campanini

Language: Italian

Country: Italy | Imdb Info | Tvrip

Also known as: It’s Him!… Yes! Yes!

DescriptionFernando, owner of a large chain store, suffers from worrying dreams: he seems to successfully court saucy women, but just as he is about to win them over, a youngster comes on the scene and steals them from under his nose. One day a young graduate, Walter, turns up in search of work, and since he is almost identical to Fernando’s dream rival, the latter thinks to send him packing but after persuasion hires him. A series of comic events ensue, revealing a subconscious episode dating back to Fernando’s childhood but all ends well, Fernando is cured and Walter gets his just desserts. Young Sophia Loren, under the name Sofia Lazzaro, had a small role in the film – playing a model wearing a bridal dress and a harem scene.



806MB | 84:18mins | 688×516 | avi

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6 Responses to Era lui, sì, sì! (1951)

  1. Dogmeat says:

    Anyone know where one can get subtitles for this?

  2. tomislav kresic says:

    i heard that ( jealous)carlo ponti burned all copies of this film.great thanks for this extreme rare film.missing at my collection only 4 films of sophia in lead role . 1 Africa sotto i mari (1953) 2. Pellegrini d’amore (1954) 3. Judith (1966) 4. Angela (1978)

  3. Joe says:

    Thank you for the upload.

  4. sz26pl says:

    I thought this film was lost. The French version had scenes of Sophia Loren topless in a harem but all those prints were apparently destroyed, But even this version is a rarity. Thanks.

    • Johno says:

      RL can you find the French version, released in 1953: Quelles drôles de nuits. A challenge, for the best, if ever there was one. It might even come with English subs.

  5. OSMOSIS says:

    GREAT FIND!!! Thank you again, Rarelust.

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