Emanuelle Around the World (1977)


Directed by: Joe D’Amato

Stars: Laura Gemser, Ivan Rassimov, Karin Schubert

Language: English, Italian, German (3tracks) + Commentary Ger (4th track)

Subtitles: English, German (embed)

Commentary by Lars Dreyer-Winkelmann

Country: Italy | Imdb Info | Ar: 1.85:1 | Brrip (xxx european version)

Also known as: Emanuelle – Perché violenza alle donne?, Emanuela – Alle Lüste dieser Welt,

Description: Famous undercover journalist Emanuelle teams with her friend Cora Norman to uncover a white slave ring that traffics in women kidnapped from various locales around the world. Her investigations leaves plenty of time, however, for globe-trotting and bed-hopping. As each lead turns up bad, Emanuelle begins to wonder if she can ever put an end to this horrible slavery ring.


Preview xxx european version

3.66GB | 102:01mins | 1920×1036 | mkv


====bluray extra====

Featurette “The Horror Experience” with Joe D’Amato

911MB | 79:26mins | 1280×720 | mkv | Italian | Sub: German

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15 Responses to Emanuelle Around the World (1977)

  1. Nochvemo says:

    It often happens that Joe d’Amato’s foray into conventional cinema with erotic touches is nothing more than an insufferable botch job. And if this cheesy stuff is pigeonholed as “the European porn version”, I don’t even want to imagine how bland the censored version will be. This is not porn because there is nothing explicit. Only nudity and a lot of pretense.

    • Ali says:

      I absolutely disagree with you sir; This work is among the most quintessential arthouse/exploitation titles of the 1970’s. And among his vast catalog of work, “Emanuelle Around the World” is one of his biggest, most formidable pieces of outlandish, renegade cinema. And the technical aspects are also among his finest work; D’Amato captures the beauty and mystery of some of the most exotic locales of the World, with his super-wide lens photography. Even the story captures the interest of the audience, with the gutsy young reporter, Emanuelle, beautiful and fearless and wanting to “make her bones” in the world of New York City journalism. If that isnt’ enough, things really heat up when fellow reporter Cora Norman, shows up…Played with ballsy and tough sensuality, by the iconic Karin Schubert, when the two team up somewhere in the Far East, the movie becomes like an x-rated “Charlie’s Angels,” the “X” rating not because of any standard “hardcore” footage, though there is a little of that…but because of the outrageous and endless rape scenes, women being violated by disfigured men, being raped by dogs, having snakes inserted in their vaginas, and women being beaten like they were men…In fact this movie has the most rapes of probably any movie in history..I lost count at 15…but it is all done as technically professional as you can imagine. Like I said, among the Exploitation genre, “Emanuelle Around the World” is a Colossus. If you don’t like THIS film…then WHY are you on a site like THIS?

      • Manza says:

        Well said Ali. Yes Rare Lust may cover all genres for everyone’s taste but I’m in no doubt many users like myself found this site by searching for those sleazy exploitation flicks we all love!
        I love to collect all genres but my priority will always be my love of horror, exploitation and sleaze. Can’t have a site called Rare Lust without the works of D’Amato etc : )

      • Barry McGuire says:

        um….because he thinks differently then you?!?? Thats not a bad thing mate, as you dont have the only opinion of value in the world.

        As for myself this movie is trash on a variety of levels but I like watching trashing movies sometimes, partly because as you say, it does have some great cinematography. Personally I feel let down as I wished Sylvia Kristel had done hardcore porn – I would have loved to have seen her beautiful face coated in a nice splatter of goo – but that never happened so I have to deal with it.

        bottom line mate show more respect for other peoples opinions, especially when they diverge from your own. Theres room for everyone at the table here

  2. 6102grover says:

    Thanks for the upgrade.

  3. Thierry says:

    Not a porn movie at all, merely an erotic film with lots of simulated and other deleted scenes. Maybe a complete version of that movie exists, but that one is erotic at most.

  4. Raped by Mutants says:

    Fuckin’ A! Right on! Thanks!

  5. Robbytag says:

    The search for Emanuelle series brought me to this site in 2013 and i am here since then .
    Laura the asian exotic beauty was a very attractive and sexy in all these movie series

  6. Tony says:

    One of D’Amato’s best. He’s the King of Eurotrash, IMO.

    • Manza says:

      Totally agree Tony. Had the pleasure of meeting him at Eurofest ‘94
      Ironically he told me he disliked xxx movies and preferred erotica but the adult movies were the only way to make money at the time!
      Was a lovely guy and wish he was still here.

  7. rarelust says:


  8. Ali says:

    This movie contains some of the most horrific rape scenes of all time; truly sleazy, but an undeniably good grindhouse classic. George Eastman is awesome here as the Indian sex-guru!

  9. MightyDR says:

    Woohoo! Thanks for posting this one. Another Laura Gemser classic.

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