Desperate Lives (1982)


Directed by: Robert Michael Lewis

Stars: Diana Scarwid, Doug McKeon, Helen Hunt

Language: English

Country: Usa | Imdb Info | Ar: 4:3 | Dvdrip

Description: A brother and sister get caught up in the drug scene in their local high school, with tragic results.


1.37GB | 96:01mins | 706×480 | mkv

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One Response to Desperate Lives (1982)

  1. Dan says:

    A classic! Just a few highlights:

    Helen Hunt taking a hit of some angel dust concoted by her idiot BF in high school chemistry lab, hurling herself out a 2nd story window and then slitting her wrists with the broken glass.

    Legion overacting and truly bizarre dialogue/delivery from “Mommy Dearest”‘s Diana Scarwid.

    High af girl saying “weeeeee” as she drives her car off a cliff.

    Drug lingo that sounds like it came from some 50-year old NARC. “You’re a doper!!” “I can handle!”

    Completely sober Art Hindle nonchalantly riding his bicycle off a dock into a pond.

    You will discover more insanity on every re-watch. The cast must have had a riot filming this.

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