Body of Evidence (1993)

Directed by: Uli Edel

Stars: Madonna, Joe Mantegna, Anne Archer

Language: English | Subtitles: English (embed)

Country: Usa | Imdb Info | Ar: 1.85:1 | Brrip (unrated)

Description: A woman is accused of killing a man to inherit his millions by having sex with him.


2.01GB | 100:54mins | 853×462 | mkv


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10 Responses to Body of Evidence (1993)

  1. Jack Spellinh says:

    Madonna as you’ve never seen her before!!! Everything one can ask for when one wants to see a good thriller: murder, mystery, erotism, and some, very great sex scenes. Madonna does her best in this movie and and gives his all,… especially when fucks :).

  2. Mario B says:

    After watching this movie the only thing i could think of is Madonna’s ass. Why not? All this confusing story about old men having arrhythmia and women who can manipulate their desease into death is nothing compared to Madonna’s ass.

    Ass is a hero and an object of attention in this movie. Of course, Madonna got for her full art gallery, but i ask – isn’t her ass is art? And i never seen Madonna in her gallery, only in court. This movie have a court of law apparently. But who cares.

    Willem Dafoe playing a lawyer who got sense of admiration for Madonna (more like for her ass) and trying to save her from electric chair. I bet chair got jealous for Dafoe playing with Madonna’s ass, but it’s not a point. Point is – forget the story. It’s stupid. It’s laughable. It’s unbelieveable. But be sure to check Madonna’s ass. It’s got a very good quality.

  3. Tommy Lee says:

    I just finished watching it on Prime and my cock is hard!! Madonna was really better than Viagra…

  4. Hans Briegel says:

    Discreet thriller with a great cast!
    But let’s face it: anyone who saw this little film in the best years of our adolescence with hormones bursting with excitement… certainly did not do it for the screenplay, story, direction, actors… They did it just to see the Mrs. Ciccone, exalted in her best performance of her brilliant career, which finally showed us her… “her huge talent”!!!
    Movies that we 90s boys watched with both hands busy: one always on the remote and the other … doing something else :)

  5. Buddy Malone says:

    The film is a discreet thriller, but nothing exceptional! It has a remarkable cast, excellent photography, quite curious music for an erotic-triller film. It has two flaws: the costumes (too sober) and the direction of Uli Edel: not suitable for the “Basic Instinct” style genre. But let’s face it, we kids of that period, we went to the cinema just to see Madonna’s beautiful boobs bouncing as she energetically rides Willem Dafoe, panting and enjoying like not even in the best Tracy Lords movies we have seen done … Madonna was chosen for this film, … only for that !! Oh my God, I just remember that when I bought the VHS, released in March 1993, I consumed the tape from the cassette, …. as well as an endless supply of paper tissues …

  6. Marc Benton Rivers says:

    This movie shows just how sexy and hot Madonna is thanks for presenting this film in your video collection.

    • Nervous Guy says:

      Totally agree. Her beauty/voice/looks/body/character in the movie was probably the sexiest display I ever watched. Mind blowing for this then teen lol

  7. Royston says:

    Very good film. 8/10

  8. Stromboli says:

    Thanks for sharing with subtitles!

  9. Donnie says:

    Many thanks Rarelust.

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