Believe in Me (1971)

Directed by: Stuart Hagmann

Stars: Michael Sarrazin, Jacqueline Bisset, Jon Cypher

Language: English

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Also known as: Speed is of the Essence

DescriptionRemy is a medical student who has a flair for making his patients comfortable. His genuine concern for the patients in his charge marks him as a hot prospect in his internship program. Pamela works at a children’s book publishing company. The two meet via Pamela’s brother, who is also Remy’s good friend. They fall in love and get an apartment in the East Village of New York. Soon after, the couple begins to indulge in speed and barbiturates. They become heavily addicted. Remy is thrown out of medical school and Pamela quits her job. Remy soon finds himself in debt with the local dealer, Stutter, who introduces his customer to heroin as a revenge for his late bill. Pamela faces the prospect of getting sober at her brother’s clinic, but must leave behind a destitute Remy in order to do it.


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3 Responses to Believe in Me (1971)

  1. Nick says:

    Another real interesting movie from the 70s.

    Thanks for this!

  2. Carolyn says:

    Thanks so much for this one!! :) Planning to download now

  3. justforu says:

    Thanks so much!!!

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