Barbara (1970)


Directed by: Walter Burns

Stars: Jack Rader, Nancy Boyle, Robert McLane

Language: English  + Commentary (2nd track) | Subtitles: English (embed)

Commentary Track With Film Historian Elizabeth Purchell

Country: Usa | Imdb Info | Ar: 4:3 | Brrip

Description: A teenage girl spends the summer on the notorious Fire Island off of New York. She has sex with a variety of people, while the others in her group engage in both straight and gay sex with each other. She succeeds in seducing her brother, then both hatch a plot to try to convert their parents to their newfound “lifestyle”.


3.37GB | 97:16mins | 986×720 | mkv

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2 Responses to Barbara (1970)

  1. Gene says:

    I very seldom say this, but I’m afraid this is one “lost film” that probably should have remained so. Pointless, inept, pretentious, and pretty damn awful filmmaking, but which nevertheless may hold some very limited time capsule value in chronicling the hippie / free love era. Some scenes are in a low light, super grainy mode (restored remnants ?), reminiscent of Pixelvision. Others were simply absurd, but not in any good way — as if aiming for the spirit of those first couple no-budget, underground efforts by De Palma, but failing miserably at reaching that level.

    The first 13 minutes has an extraneous audio track that is mostly divorced from the video, and sounds like part of *another* commentary track. Could that have been original and intentional ? Surprisingly, you can find a 1970 NYT review of this linked at IMDB. I’m curious as to what any other extant reviews may have made of this film.

    Sorry to have to say this, but while an outfit like Severin has done a most commendable job of resurrecting worthy lost or overlooked films, Vinegar Syndrome in stark contrast seems to be pulling them out of dumpster fires.

  2. Ethan Roy says:

    Thank you for this! Total coincidence: I just saw the trailer for this the other day and thought “Well, that looks pretty weird!”

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