Agent 3S3 Hunter from the Unknown (1966)


Directed by: Sergio Sollima

Stars: George Ardisson, Frank Wolff, Evi Marandi

Language: English, French, German (3tracks)

Country: Italy | Imdb Info | Ar: 2.35:1 | Tvrip (uncut)

note: uncut scenes are in french audio only

Also known as: Agente 3S3, massacro al sole, Agent 3S3, Massacre in the Sun

DescriptionThe island paradise of San Felipe has undergone a revolution! The charismatic General Siqueiros has assumed control! Those assisting him though have an agenda far beyond a simple dictatorship of a inconsequential banana republic! They’re scheming to put the entire world at their mercy through the mad scientist Karlesten’s efforts to develop a deadly missile-carried gas! And only one man can stop him! Walter Ross, Agent 3S3! And he not only has a license to kill, but also a license to spank!


1.47GB | 117:34mins | 1025×438 | mkv


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6 Responses to Agent 3S3 Hunter from the Unknown (1966)

  1. David says:

    Thank you

  2. Dick Malloy says:

    This is a huge step up from the last version of this movie that was on here! A pity I don’t speak French, though, a lot of scenes aren’t in English.

  3. mirko says:

    It’s a different editing than the Italian version

  4. rarelust says:

    uncut tvrip added..

    • I AM JUDE,AGE 60.born in Sri Lanka,that time it is Ceylon.I am this at that time.ever since,I knew net movies,I search this not found to buy or download.there was,but huge money,involving not make it possible.But rarelust make it possible.thanks rarelust and jim too.not watched time not allowed.But this to me is priceless.

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