Villain (1971)

Directed by: Michael Tuchner

Stars:  Richard Burton, Ian McShane, Nigel Davenport

Language: English

Country:  UK |  Imdb Info  |  Tech Info | Dvdrip

Also known as:  Salaud, Die alles zur Sau machen

Description: Murderous, sadistic London gang leader Vic Dakin, a mother-obsessed homosexual modeled on real-life gangster Ronnie Kray, is worried about potential stool pigeons that may bring down his criminal empire.

Review: Excellent slice of Brit grit……Richard Burton playing a violent, sadistic, homosexual, deranged killer, who loves his mum and will stop at nothing to get what he wants. His performance is dark, gritty, and scary. Spoiled and crazy, the end scene (which I will not give away) says it all. Ian Macshane is great as his business partner, and boy toy. Nigel Davenport is also great as the Inspector, as is Donald Sinden as the dirty, cheating MP. Joss Ackland is great, as he always is. This is one film that I guarantee you will not take your eyes off the screen. I put this film up at the top of British gangster films with, “Get Carter,” “The Long Good Friday,” and “Loophole,” I highly recommend this gem.


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4 Responses to Villain (1971)

  1. Clem Fandango says:


  2. Jack says:

    *Great* movie! Heard about this one for years, and just watched it for the first time. An almost perfect heist thriller in the same vein as Peckinpah’s “The Getaway,” with Richard Burton as a psychopathic gangster–sort of Frank Booth meets Hannibal Lecter. It’s one of Burton’s best performances. Don’t know why American critics were so savage to this movie at the time of its release, but it’s fantastic. First rate–big thumbs up! Thanks, RL.

  3. Damien Sage says:

    Love my Richard Burton and love this film! Thanks!

  4. Gary says:

    What a fantastic movie. I have no idea how this has slipped below the radar compared to films like Get Carter.

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